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Design an innovative, low-cost product in record time thanks to our accelerated development process for mass production !

Discover innovative, low-cost product design with our accelerated development process, specially designed for "Made in France" mass production! Our expert technical team focuses on the creation and industrialization of products manufactured in France at competitive prices, in collaboration with a network of experienced partners.

We support you at every stage of your project, from initial design to series production, with a strong emphasis on "Made in France". In addition, we offer certification services, such as EMC and LVD testing, to ensure that your product meets the most stringent quality and safety standards. Choose to produce in France for optimum results and unquestionable added value.

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Industrialization / Plastics Processing with BIM Industries

Industrialization / Plastics

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Electronics / Sourcing

Certification / Logistics with BIM Industries

Certification / Logistics

Financing / Branding with BIM Industries

Financing / Brand image

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Industrial Accompaniment Offering by BIM Industries

Industrial support

Industrial Diagnostic Offering by BIM Industries

Industrial Diagnostics

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Discover the Kippit kettle, a major innovation in the world of electric kettles. Designed to last and evolve with you, Kippit offers an unrivalled experience while respecting the environment.

Kippit Kettle
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With Athana, relieve hot flushes with cold instantly, wherever you are

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Fewer drugs, zero side effects.

MyMoony belt
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The simple, effective method for disinfecting objects and air for greater safety

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Lizia is the first 3-in-1 reading accessory that lets you read with one hand, illuminate the pages of your book and store it as a bookmark.

Lizia, the 3-in-1 reading accessory

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Our History

Renaissance Industrielle: BIM Industries, at the heart of innovation and high-impact Made in France

BIM Industries is a pioneering company that came into being against a backdrop of massive relocation of industrial production. The company quickly understood the importance of reindustrializing and promoting high-impact French products. Founded by Damian Py, BIM Industries has set itself the mission of revitalizing the French industrial sector, while emphasizing innovation and quality.

BIM Industries has developed unique expertise in the design, production and support of French industrial projects. The company works closely with a network of experienced partners to offer its customers tailor-made solutions adapted to their specific needs. Thanks to an approach focused on "Made in France", BIM Industries has succeeded in creating a genuine synergy between technical skills, local expertise and ethical values.

The History of BIM Industries, at the heart of Made in France
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